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5-10 Musts That Every Story in My Trans-Genre Must Have

The Phantom Glare of Day is a trans-genre work that seeks to truly help people to grasp and to face very real and very difficult aspects of life. This metaphysical kind of trans-genre writing is not complicated at all, though. In fact, this kind of writing is quite simple and has only seven musts.

            First: the protagonist or point-of-view character must be able to teach the reader something.

            Second: this kind of metaphysical, trans-genre work must have a moral center. It must be abundantly clear that the point-of-view character does not wish to harm anyone.

            Third: both the story and the well-intentioned characters within said tale must be honest or sincere. If the protagonist fails to live up to this ideal, nevertheless, the character should at least realize that he or she ought to make a change.

            Fourth: the writer must market a metaphysical trans-genre work to adults only. At the very least, the reader must be exceedingly mature. Remember, as simple as my own novellas are, all metaphysical fiction traffics in profound ideas.

            Five: no matter how pernicious the stakes, the protagonist must strive to make intelligent decisions. Even if the point-of-view character is too afraid to make an intelligent or wise decision, nevertheless, the character must be aware of that fact. At the very least, when the character’s poor decisions unleash a series of unintended consequences, the point-of-view character or protagonist ought to readily recognize the problem. That kind of awareness should make the character relatable to the reader because every reader has made decisions that he or she regrets. Moreover, every reader has experienced a scenario in which he or she had to make amends for a bad decision.

            Six: even if the main character has specific beliefs and political aspirations, the main character must be aware of how crucially important it is to be at least a little bit objective. Even better, the protagonist ought to realize that peace of mind comes from the psyche or intellect itself. In other words, if the protagonist understands that politics cannot solve the problems of the world, the reader’s relationship with that protagonist becomes that much more personal or immediate.

            Seven: even if the main character is prone to stress, confusion, and mental illness, said character must at least value the kind of lucidity that comes with having an analytical mind and a good memory. Why? It comes down to the fact that a clear-thinking character is a character that a reader can trust.

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